Two-components paint dosing and mixing machine

Trasmetal GEAR MIX is the system for the exact measuring and mixing of bi-component paintings.
GEAR MIX uses gear pumps with stepper motors that, besides proportioning the two components, measure out the exact flow rate of paint at the spray gun nozzle.

The system, also fitting for water-based coating in electrostatic applications, is equipped with a double cleaning system (by solvent or and compressed air): the result is a superior level of cleaning, with lower amount of solvent required.

The GEAR MONO version is perfect to set the exact flow rate in single-component paints.

The paint is accurately measured by the gear pumps and, after the mixing device, goes to the paint gun.

GEAR MIX and GEAR MONO groups are connected to the painting robot through PROFINET; the robot can select the pre-set brush for each and every phase of the painting process, with instantaneous changes in flow rate, fan and atomising.

A set of sensors monitors the working pressures and cycle parameters, with a steady control of the whole process.

GEAR MIX advantages

+ best-in-class performances in accuracy of the flow and percentage of the mixing,
guaranteed under any condition,
+ easy to calibrate,
+ compatible with manual and robotised painting,
+ double-effect cleaning, with solvent and compressed air,
+ reduced consumption of paint,
+ improvement of painting performances in difficult spots,
+ decreased use of paint, optimisation of painting cycles,
+ detailed consumption log,
+ suitable for several accessories with colour-change groups/displays,
+ mixing unit and valves ready for installation on any brand of robot arms (process arms)

Trasmetal celebrates 70 years

A sunny March day provided the backdrop for the celebration of Trasmetal’s 70 (+1) years. It was a joyous occasion to bring together historical figures of the company, current employees

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Trasmetal participates in PaintExpo 2024

From April 9-12, Karlsruhe is the setting for PaintExpo, the industrial coating industry’s most important trade fair, showcasing innovations, applications, and future trends in the industry. With more than 9,000

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Nel 2023 la fusione con Varnishtech per diventare un riferimento internazionale per la produzione di impianti di verniciatura per le industrie.

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