Coating Systems for Aluminium Profiles

Opting for Trasmetal’s expertise in system design ensures investment in cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of the painting industry for aluminium profiles, delivering both confidence and peace of mind.

Aluminum coating: crafting our systems

Each of our coating systems is meticulously tailored and customized to align with the specific requirements of aluminum profile production and the material flow dynamics within the manufacturing process.

We supply horizontal plants for small production capacities, or large ones with the implementation of vertical plants.

What Makes
Us Stand Out?

The ability to invest in advanced solutions to meet the needs of the aluminum painting industry. Our technical expertise and ongoing innovation position us as a leading partner for surface systems and high-efficiency, reliable profiles.


In painting systems for aluminium profiles, pre-treatment is one of the crucial steps. The aluminum surface undergoes thorough cleaning and degreasing, achieved through chemical baths or washing processes. This not only eliminates potential contaminants and oils but also chemically enhances the profile’s surface to ensure the durability of the paint

Once the surface is prepared, the paint is applied. Various application methods are available, including electrostatic guns, OFB discs, and finger applicators.

OFB disk - aluminum coating

The electrostatic powder coating OFB disk has been and continues to be one of Trasmetal’s most winning products. This vertical coating device for aluminum profiles utilizes high-voltage generators to charge the powder within a fluidized bed tank. Each generator controls a series of electrodes encompassing the entire disk circumference.

The OFB Disk is particularly suitable for high-capacity plants, with a higher yield than using spray guns.

The onboard fluidized bed technology mitigates issues related to powder flow fluctuations caused by the significant variations in application devices during vertical profile coating.

That’s why the world’s tallest vertical coating line, capable of coating profiles up to 12 meters in length, is equipped with OFB disks.

The latest iteration, the OFB 5, introduces dual air circuits – one for fluidized bed feed and another for continuous electrode cleaning and to support air-powder mixture emission. However, the most significant innovation lies in the newly implemented ionization system. Thanks to the unique electrode geometry, it homogenizes and maximizes powder charge effect just an instant before it’s sent through the disk slots.

Recently, Trasmetal’s research division has pioneered a patented applicative technology device known as “FINGER”. Currently in advanced testing, this innovation promises to push the boundaries of vertical systems, delivering substantial advantages and boosting maximum production capacity beyond previously known limits.

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