Powder Coating

Powder coating is a surface painting process in which a powder paint is electrostatically applied to a surface. After electrostatic application, the surface or the global mass of the painted piece are heated, allowing the powder to melt, polymerize, and adhere, forming a uniform and durable layer. This method provides an economical, long-lasting, uniform, and resilient finish, used on a wide range of industrial and commercial materials and products. Depending by size and shape of pieces and type of powder, IR and UV curing system could be applied, for integration or substitution of traditional curing ovens. In some cases, when very high resistances are required, a powder coating system can be integrated with primer painting (i.e. electrodeposition) to achieve a dual-layer protective coating against corrosion.

Powder coating: our systems

For over seven decades, Trasmetal has been at the forefront of the powder coating industry, offering high professional expertise in design and construction.

Each system we design represents the culmination of knowledge acquired over the years.

Our philosophy is one of customization. There are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Every system is tailor-made to meet the unique requirements of each client. Turnkey solutions simplify the entire process, from concept to installed painting line.

Washing or automatic pre-treatment tunnel

The automatic pre treatment and washing tunnel is a crucial component in a powder coating system. It consists of a spray tunnel or, at times, immersion tanks, typically made of stainless steel, through which the items to be painted pass. These items are sprayed with process fluids and later dried in a dedicated oven. Its primary purpose is to prepare the surface, ensuring it is clean, free from contaminants, with surface conversion in the case of phosphating or nanotechnology products. This prepares the surface to receive the powder coating, ensuring excellent adhesion of the powder paint.

Powder coating: what are the benefits?

  • Enhanced adhesion: the surface treated through the tunnel provides a suitable foundation for achieving powder paint adhesion, thereby increasing its long-term durability. 
  • Compliance with environmental regulations: in many cases, pretreatment may involve chemical or electrochemical processes that comply with environmental regulations, reducing the impact on the external environment.

Powder coating booths

Our powder coating spray booths are constructed from corrosion-resistant materials and equipped with ventilation and filtration systems to maintain a clean and controlled environment.

These booths are designed to provide a space where powder coating can be applied precisely and uniformly to the surface of objects. The controlled environment in the booths minimizes the presence of airborne contaminants such as dust or suspended particles, which could compromise paint quality.

Typically, the booths are equipped with electrostatic spray guns positioned on reciprocators, oscillators, or anthropomorphic robots in sufficient numbers to meet production requirements. For some applications, we install the OFB disk.

Quick color change: our booths feature systems for rapid color change, allowing seamless transitions between different paint colors without significant interruptions to the production process.

Powder recovery: our powder spray booths are equipped with powder recovery systems to reuse unused powder paint, reducing waste and costs.

We collaborate with industry leaders to provide customers the spray booth and powder coating guns, identifying the best solution together.

Powder coating oven

We employ a powder coating oven that stabilizes the painting, ensuring uniform and controlled polymerization.

Our ovens provide temperature uniformity and significant energy savings. We achieve this through high-thickness insulation, reduced thermal bridges, and a design and sizing approach aimed at maximizing energy efficiency.

The ovens can be heated using the energy source provided by the customer: natural gas, electricity, or conductive fluids. In some cases, we add in our ovens, electric or gas infrared lamps to speed up the baking process.

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