Painting systems for General Industry

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Our experience in the General Industry

In the field of general industry, we specialize in coating systems that satisfy to a wide range of products, such as furniture, train bumpers, and more.

We have also designed and built combined systems with metallization PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coatings on surfaces such as plastic and glass, including bottles and cosmetic containers.

These coatings are thin metallic surface layers into film form, with thicknesses ranging from a few tenths of a micron to more substantial values depending on the specific requirements. They provide aesthetic quality, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, and enhanced product durability.



In a different context, our painting system solved a problem for street artists who struggled to discern the exact shade of the paint within spray cans. We installed a system with a conveyor that uniformly paints millions of spray can caps with the same color as the paint inside, ensuring a perfect match and eliminating any doubts for street artists in choosing the right color.

Dip Coating

Water-soluble resins are commonly used for dip coating.

In dip coating tanks, the manufactured items are fully immersed in a tank containing the coating product. Upon exiting the tank, the dripping and still smooth item is returned to the tank. Subsequently, they enter an oven where the coating product cures.

This system is primarily employed for industrial painting in series and remains effective even when the items on the same production line vary in size and shape. The item, without air pockets, is coated even in internal parts, as in the case of pipes or radiators for heating systems.

Flow Coating

A coating technique in which the application is carried out by pouring paint onto items as they pass through a calibrated cascade of paint.


The film thickness depends on the angle of inclination of the item to be painted, the viscosity of the paint liquid, and the amount of evaporated solvent.


Excess paint is then collected in a tank and reused.


In some cases, flow coating can help eliminate the problem of air pockets.

Trasmetal has implemented flow coating technology in the automotive sector (on lenses and reflectors for headlights) where paint application occurs in a clean room and is polymerized using UV radiation, as well as in the field of flue systems and laundry appliance enamel.

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