Robotics and automation for industrial painting systems

For over 20 years, Varnish Tech has been investing in the integration and automation of the industrial painting processes.
To us, integration means having a deep knowledge of robotic technologies, mastering any technical feature of the main ABB and FANUC models – including their many accessories and the respective applications -, while constantly updating our advanced skills in software management systems 4.0.

To us, it means giving our Clients cutting-edge technology, the perfect solution for every phase of the process: painting, CO2 treatment, flaming, sanding, polishing, parts handling, loading and unloading, etc.

Our technical staff is available to support in setting specific programs on the installed robots.

Trasmetal celebrates 70 years

A sunny March day provided the backdrop for the celebration of Trasmetal’s 70 (+1) years. It was a joyous occasion to bring together historical figures of the company, current employees

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Trasmetal participates in PaintExpo 2024

From April 9-12, Karlsruhe is the setting for PaintExpo, the industrial coating industry’s most important trade fair, showcasing innovations, applications, and future trends in the industry. With more than 9,000

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Nel 2023 la fusione con Varnishtech per diventare un riferimento internazionale per la produzione di impianti di verniciatura per le industrie.

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