Automotive Painting Systems

In the Automotive Sector, Trasmetal along with its dedicated division Varnish Tech, specializes in the design and construction of turnkey robotic coating systems for both small and large production volumes. Our solutions are highly flexible in production.

Our expertise in the AUTOMOTIVE Industry

Our automotive surface systems are fully automatic, or can be manual upon request, ensuring streamlined paint process management. We have gained significant and proven experience in various surface treatments and have honed the ability to integrate modern surface technologies. We deliver solutions for Electro Deposition coating, both anaphoreys and cataphoresys, manual and robotic applications for spray liquid coating, both solvent-based and water-based paint, and powder painting, including high-thickness.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

When it comes to bumper painting systems, our commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of results we achieve. We employ advanced technology to implement the best practices at every stage of production. In particular, our painting process incorporates automatic color changes, utilizing both electrostatic and non-electrostatic cup systems, all managed by our paint mix rooms and automatic color change systems. We also offer installation services for paint distribution and circulation systems.

Impianti di verniciatura a doppia isola

Qui a destra nell’immagine 1.0 riportiamo come esempio un impianto a doppia isola: la logica adottata nella progettazione è stata in questo caso quella della doppia isola robotizzata d’applicazione e appassimento/essiccazione, ciascuna delle quali utilizza alcune parti in comune, in particolare:

  • Carico e scarico
  • Pre-trattamento con lavaggio a spruzzo e/o co2
  • Lavaggio ed Asciugatura
  • Fiammatura con opzione di mascheratura
  • Verniciatura robotizzata con cabina a ricircolo d’aria
  • Flash off/appassimento
  • Forno di cottura finale
1.1 Rappresentazione 3D dell’impianto di verniciatura a doppia isola descritto

A sinistra sono rappresentati il tratto di lavaggio e la fiammatura robotizzata, che servono le due isole robotizzate. A destra (sopra e sotto), le due isole, ciascuna con 2 robot d’applicazione e tunnel d’appassimento/flash-off riscaldato. Tra le due isole, nella parte superiore, il forno d’essiccazione.

Nell’esempio ciascuno dei i due robot è stato dotato di 3 pistole, per poter completare il ciclo primer, base e finitura in 3 giri successivi. L’impianto è stato progettato per produrre 600 coppie di paraurti al giorno a regime, ma grazie all’ottimizzazione del processo la capacità produttiva è stata sensibilmente incrementata.

UV Anti-Fog and Hard Coating Paint Lines

Trasmetal, through its division Varnish Tech, specializes in UV anti-fog and hard coating systems. This technology is implemented to combat condensation issues within headlights caused by temperature and humidity fluctuations.

These systems are highly efficient and are characterized by simple management and extremely compact dimensions.

The transparent coating is applied precisely, with a consistent thickness of just a few microns.

All our systems are designed and built to deliver significant energy savings. We incorporate technology – a cutting-edge air recirculation system that can reduce heating and cooling costs in our paint booths by a remarkable 80 to 90%. A paternoster furnace is used for film drying.

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