E-coating painting systems

Over 100 cathodic and anodic electrocoating systems delivered.

Trasmetal is at the forefront of cathodic and anodic electrocoating solutions. We design systems tailored for high weather resistance painting applications.

We have extensive experience in both continuous e-coating systems with predominantly spray pre-treatment and parts conveyed via overhead conveyors, including both monorail and Power&free systems. Additionally, we are experts in paint circulating systems, emphasizing immersion pre-treatment, and precision transport using automated overhead cranes.

Continuous electrocoating systems:

Generally more suitable for manufacturers of unique and highly similar parts, such as appliances, wheels, shock absorbers, etc.


Paint circulating systems:

Our paint circulating e-coating systems cater to a wide range of customers with diverse parts, sizes, and geometries, especially those in the automotive industry. Examples include various suspension components or parts intended for installation within the vehicle’s shell, such as disc cover protectors or tank strap bands, and more.

Advantages of our painting systems

Our specialized coating process offers an advantaged and exceptional weather resistance. Additionally, the paint can reach recessed parts that are otherwise inaccessible, offering excellent weather resistance even at very thin film thicknesses.

Industry leader in
e-coating systems

With over 100 installations of cathodic and anodic electrocoating systems across the automotive, general industry, and white goods industry, we consistently meet our customer expectations.

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