Porcelain enameling

Trasmetal designs, builds, and installs turnkey coating and surface systems for enamelling. For 70 years, we have been providing, powder and wet enamel systems.

Specialized in
porcelain enameling

We design, construct, and install comprehensive porcelain enameling systems for steel, cast iron, and aluminum materials. Our expertise extends across diverse sectors, including appliances, interior and exterior architectural panels, boilers, tanks, cast iron and steel pots, aluminum pots, stovepipes, burner caps, and bathtubs. The uniqueness of Trasmetal is that it provides a complete glazing system with ovens included.

Enamel Furnaces and conveyors

Trasmetal’s Gas Fired enamel furnaces feature low gas consumption, achieved through the use of self-recuperative burners and meticulously engineered insulation systems and air curtains. Electric Furnaces provide excellent temperature uniformity and precise temperature curve control, making them an ideal choice for applications where color consistency and piece flatness are crucial. Additionally, Trasmetal can seamlessly integrate its furnaces with o overhead conveyors, power and free or monorail type, from renowned global manufacturers, and roller or belt conveyors featuring automated return lines for pass-through ovens used in the production of cookware and panels.

Liquid enameling solutions

Trasmetal designs, constructs, and installs complete liquid enameling lines, with a primary focus on the boiler industry. Our process encompasses chemical pre-treatment through immersion or spraying, with or without baskets. We then proceed to the application, utilizing flow coat or roto coat techniques, integrated with spray booths featuring enamel recovery systems and dehydration ovens. The level of automation is tailored to meet customer specifications and technological needs.

Powder Enameling Solutions

Trasmetal also offers complete “turnkey” solutions for powder enameling. Within these systems, powder application equipment is supplied by the world’s top three industry leaders, while the overall system architecture and other equipment are entirely designed and manufactured by Trasmetal.

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