Robot painting systems

At our forefront dedication to pioneering surface systems, we incorporate robot painting systems to elevate the efficiency and quality of our coating facilities. We partner with industry-leading brands like Fanuc, ABB, KUKA, and others.

Robotics for Painting Efficiency and Quality

Our specialized paint robots, built to EX-rated standards, are designed to your needs. We provide options for small parts with compact robots and larger solutions, including rail-mounted robots for projects like railway car painting. Utilize our CAD-CAM tools for efficient offline programming.


Thank to the use of robotic painting in our painting systems, we ensure uniform, precise and high quality paint coverage on every surface. Our robots are programmable to execute complex and controlled movements, ensuring a consistent level of quality. This translates into a high-quality end result that meets our clients needs.


The automation in our painting systems, provided by robots, is the key to optimize production times and increase the overall productivity of our systems. Paint robots can be seamlessly integrated into a continuous workflow, working in harmony with other machines and processes. This synergy minimizes machine downtime, resulting in faster and more efficient production.

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