Liquid coating

Trasmetal and the Varnish Tech division bring a wealth of experience to liquid coating, particularly ideal for plastics and metals. Not only does it ensure excellent aesthetic results and paint uniformity, but it also provides a protective, corrosion-resistant layer that withstands chemical agents while maintaining high aesthetic standards. Finishing processes continually evolve to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. The color possibilities are limitless, making liquid coating suitable for a wide range of applications, with various types of paint used, including solvent-based, water-based, single-component, two-component, acrylics, polyurethanes, and more.

Liquid coating processes

In a liquid coating process, raw pieces typically pass through a pre-treatment tunnel, which is crucial for the applicability of the final phase and ensuring long-term durability. Subsequently, the pieces are transported into dedicated pressurized booths where paint is applied through an atomization process that mixes the product with compressed air. This phase involves the use of various applicators such as guns or bells, both conventional and electrostatic, that directly spray paint onto the surfaces to be treated.

In double or triple layer cycles, a primer is applied in a dedicated booth. In a second booth is applied or finishing layer or the colored base coat, in case of triple layers cycle, ending with the clear coat.

In the between of those stages curing or flash off only will be requested depending by chemical nature of the paints.

Once the paint layers are applied, the drying process occurs inside a dedicated oven with proper temperatures requested by the used product.

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